Give to Spaulding

Host a Special Event for Spaulding Rehab

Have you or a loved one been touched by the work at one of the Spaulding Rehabilitation Network Facilities? Give back by hosting a fundraiser of your choice.

Hosting an event is a wonderful and meaningful way to give back by doing something fun as a way to raise funds for the organization.

Previous events hosted by volunteers include:

- Biking or Triathlon races
- Dinners/Tastings
- Donations at weddings
- Parties
- Road races
- Shopping Nights
- Wrestling tournaments

This is a great way to gather your friends and family to have some fun benefitting Spaulding!

"Spaulding gave so much to me when I was a patient and needed them. They have helped me recover and hosting an event is the least I can do to give back. Having my annual golf events for the hospital has been a fun way to get my friends and family together to raise some funds and teach people about the organization that means so much to me." – John Moore (John Moore was a Spaulding patient in 2010. He hosts two annual golf-related events for the hospital).

If you are interested in hosting an event to benefit the Spaulding Rehabilitation Network, our experienced events team will be happy to help you. Click here to read our third party events policy and please contact Merrill Robichaud, Special Events Coordinator, at or 617-952-6882.