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The following is one story of how donors have made a difference in the lives of others. There are many, many others.

The Maynard Family's Story

Several years ago, Charlie Maynard had a terrible accident. At 2½, a fall inflicted multiple skull fractures, blood in his lungs, and a damaged eye.  Just a few years ago, this beautiful little boy might have died. Even after escaping death his prognosis was grim, but today he is thriving with a smile that lights up the room, he is able to walk, see, run and play. The fact that he has not only survived but thrived is a miracle. Thanks go not only to his doctors and all Spaulding's team of practitioners, but also to his mother and father. Desperate to save their son, they explored every avenue and integrated a wide range of medical approaches—e.g., acupuncture, herbal medicine, Reiki, and cranio-sacreal therapies—into his care. This holistic approach worked.

Charlotte and Todd and their family have been overwhelmed with joy, and they want these same resources to be available to all families. Because insurance does not cover the costs associated with this level of care, the Maynards created the Maynard Family Fund for the Integrative Medicine at Spaulding. This fund has enables Spaulding to provide top notch training for its clinicians, giving them new ways to relieve pain, reduce swelling, restore muscle strength, and promote healing. This fund helps ensure that all injured patients should have access to the same multidisciplinary care that saved Charlie. Please join the Maynards and make a donation to help provide these services to all of Spaulding’s patients

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